Claudia Roddy

One of our primary Realtors, Claudia is a professional licensed agent based in Arlington, Texas. She is a top producer, averaging more than 40 houses a year. She has achieved this by being responsive and caring towards the buyers and sellers, a great negotiator, and a closer. She lives by the company guidelines of only doing a deal she would take either side of.

Born in Managua, Nicaragua, her passion for helping people began early, driven by the morals installed by her mom. She volunteered to help orphans and learn from the children to have the strength to excel no matter the circumstances.

Claudia attended the University of Central America graduating in Business Management in 1999. She worked for the international company Roland where she managed day-to-day business and coordinated salespeople. She married in 2009, and she has four incredible children. She and her husband moved to the USA in 2013. In Texas, they owned a franchise 7-Eleven convenience store where Claudia managed operations. After they sold the store, she moved into real estate and received her real estate license in 2019. In her spare time, she enjoys vacationing with her family, hiking in the mountains, and swimming in the ocean.



Our Reviews

We needed quite a bit of repair on the house. We knew we couldn’t put in on the real estate market to sell it, so I’m very pleased with what we received and how the process went.


I got in a situation where I needed to sell my house. I called and these guys hooked me up, took good care of me. They did it quickly and easily with no problems.