Whether you have a premium property in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, or elsewhere in Texas, selling it can be an expensive, time-consuming, and mundane task. Being among the top buy houses companies, We Buy Houses streamlined the process of selling and buying existing homes at best-in-industry rates. Also, if you are looking to buy houses for cash, we can help with an extensive portfolio of premium properties. We enable a smooth process whether we are dealing with cash home buyers or sellers. Selling and buying a house with cash makes the closing costs and process faster, eliminating the lending process.

Over the last decade, buying and selling houses for cash has exponentially grown as cash sales trended upward in 2021. Reports state that in April 2021, 25% of total existing real estate sales were recorded in cash. We have streamlined the process of buying and selling houses for cash, helping you eliminate commission and expedite the process that would usually take a month or two. We have helped thousands of buyers and sellers across the state of Texas to sell and buy houses for cash fast—providing them with an accurate and fair cash offer. Request a free estimate online or fill out this form to arrange a callback.

Selling Your Home Made Easy With We Buy Houses Texas

Perhaps every homeowner starts selling their house by asking a simple question, “How can I sell my house for cash?” If you are in a situation where you are struggling to sell your property, and you need urgent cash, you can immediately connect with We Buy Houses. Depending on your property address and conditions, we can connect you to a genuine cash buyer and help you sell your house fast. We usually deal with homeowners who have more than one property and now wish to sell one. If you have multiple properties, at times, it might become complicated to maintain your property. Also, repairing and maintenance activities such as painting, furnishing, and so on, are costly affairs. No matter the condition, address, and structure, We Buy Houses fast for cash.

We have a simplified process to sell your house for cash. You can even choose your own closing date so you will have enough time to prepare and buy a new property to move to. When selling your home to us, we will ensure you get a fair price offer while putting your needs above others. Throughout the process, we aspire to make our partners feel like family. The complete process is legal and we make all transactions on time, without any hassle. Sell your house with one hand and grab your cash with the other. Submit your property address online or connect with genuine cash buyers at 1-877-932-8946.

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Scenarios When Our Real Estate Agents Can Come To Your Aid

If you are in the market to sell your house but are unable to find the right buyer, we can help you. We Buy Houses Texas and surrounding areas but only deal in cash offers. Unlike real estate agents, our process is fast and convenient. Moreover, the transactions are quick, so you don’t need to wait to buy a new property after selling your house. Just submit your property address, get an estimated cost of your Texas home, and make a deal. No matter the condition of your property, we will buy your house as it is without imposing any realtor fees or brokerage. We will give you the right value for your property, unlike realtors.

There are many issues in your life that deserve your attention. Selling your house should not have to be one of them. When you choose to sell your house to us, we will work to do what’s in your best interest and respect your decision and situation. Regardless of the reason why you are selling your house, we will give you a genuine cash offer. You can even compare cash offers from multiple companies and sell your house in little to no time. Consider We Buy Houses Texas to assist you in the following scenarios.


Are you falling behind on your mortgage payments and cannot afford high-interest rates and liability? Do not worry. We can help you sell your home fast for cash. You don’t need to do anything. Just hand over your house to us and get your cash immediately.


Selling and transferring property can be a tiring and time-consuming task, especially when an immediate sale is involved. Our team can help you get cash for your house fast, within a day or two.


We have successfully helped many couples relocate to new properties and sell their old property at a fair price. We will help those newly separated at a very crucial time in their life.

Unwanted Rental Properties

Our team has been assisting realtors and lenders in selling their houses to eliminate the stressful management of renters. From moving out to repair, and then re-selling, we take care of everything. Our fast cash offer ensures a seamless transaction.

Outdated Homes That Just Won’t Sell

Selling property that needs repairing, cleaning, or renovation is often a difficult task, especially when the property is located at a different address. We understand that it can be extremely tough to sell your property without these improvements and that’s where We Buy Houses come into play.

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We Buy Houses For Cash – Easy Home Selling Process, Quick Transfer

At We Buy Houses, our goal is to take the burden off your shoulders. Unlike real estate companies and direct realtors, our agents will take care of the entire process on their own. Our priority is on providing our customers with peace of mind by offering genuine rates for their property. We understand some professionals might take advantage of uncertain situations. That is why we help individuals sell their homes at the best rates.

We have been purchasing homes in Texas and surrounding areas for many years and have  simplified the process. When you sell your home to us, you do not need to worry about anything. Right from the cash arrangement and repair, to renovation, we will take over everything to alleviate any stress.

We Buy Houses in Three Easy Steps

When you decide to sell your home fast for cash, we come into the picture to take the burden off your shoulders. Here are the three steps involved in property selling for cash in Texas.

Connect With Us

Simply fill out your property address and other basic details on the form or call us anytime at  1-877-932-8946.

Review Your Cash Offer

We will visit your property, review your request and give you a genuinely fair cash offer for your property. If there were any stipulations, we would discuss them before the final deal.

Close Quickly

Unlike selling your home the traditional route, there are no weeks of waiting. Just submit your application, get a fair cash offer and close the deal whenever you are ready.

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Our Real Estate Agents Are Currently Buying Houses In Major Metropolitans

When it comes to buying or selling homes for cash, we know how to give the best-in-class experience. At We Buy Houses, we deal in all types of properties, ranging from single-family residences to duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes. We buy unattractive houses that are in need of significant repairs with structural, internal, or aesthetic issues. We Buy Houses for cash quickly and easily.

If you are looking for a company that buys houses for cash, you will find many in the market, but there are a few that offer services like We Buy Houses. Potential clients are people who have multiple properties, purchase new properties, or sell their old ones. Our team reviews the property in all aspects and delivers a fair cash offer. Whether you live in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin, or elsewhere, We Buy Houses for cash all around the State of Texas. You can call us anytime at 1-877-932-8946 or connect at our offices in the following areas in Texas.

  • Fort Worth
  • El Paso
  • Arlington
  • Corpus Christi
  • Lubbock
  • Garland
  • Grand Prairie
  • Brownsville
  • Abilene
  • The Woodlands

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How Do We Determine The Closing Cost Of Your House?

If you are willing to put your property on sale for cash, we would be most interested over most other investors. Over the years, we have invested in all different sorts of properties in the Texas area. At We Buy Houses, we are dedicated to buying all types of houses, regardless of their address and condition. Whether you have a home that needs repair, a rental property, are downsizing your home, or want to sell an inherited property, we will always be here to help you.

We determine the value of your property on various factors, ranging from restoration needs and the age of the building to everything in between. Since supply and demand are balanced in the existing property-selling market, it is not an extensive process to determine the cost of properties. Here are a few ways guidelines we implement to determine a fair cash offer for your property.

  • We determine the fair market value of your property based on the prices of properties nearby your property. We compare this value to properties sold in your area in the last 12 months.
  • The second method is evaluation. This is where we implement the replacement method. We simply calculate the cost of building a replica of your property. It gives a clear idea of the actual cost of your property.
  • The third method of calculating the cost of your property is evaluating the income that the property is likely to produce. If it is a commercial property, we do this through rent evaluation.

Along with these, we calculate the cost of property based on capitalization rate and cash return in case of any mortgage payments.

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Has your Texas home become a burden? Did you purchase a new property and now want to sell your old one? Does your existing house require money and time for restoration and renovation? If selling your house has become a burden on your head, you are just a step away from selling your house fast for cash. At We Buy Houses, our team is dedicated to helping those who are in serious need of selling their house. Regardless of the condition, we purchase all types of properties and offer a fair cash offer.

With years of experience and a reputation in the market, we will help you throughout the process of selling your house for cash. All you need to do is, provide us with your property address; we will visit your property, review the condition and offer a price that we calculate. We are a privately owned, funded, and operated company, so we don’t need to wait for weeks and months for approval. If you come here with a request, we will process it fast and give you cash immediately. Get cash for your home fast! Fill out all the required details in the form or connect with us via a call.

No Brokerage, Or Commission – Sell Burdensome Houses Fast With We Buy Houses

Fill out the form below, and we will get back to you via a call to understand your situation and place a fair cash offer. With We Buy Houses, you will be assured of a fair cash offer with no obligation. Submit your request and get cash for your house fast.