We Buy Houses Decatur Texas knows there are many reasons to sell your house quickly. Your family is growing exponentially, with children or in-laws, and you need to upgrade to a larger home. You accepted a job out of state and you need the money to start over in a new place. You are retiring and your current home is too large for your lifestyle. You have a newly inherited house that you do not need to keep in the family. A family member is sick and you need to stay in their home. You are experiencing bad rental tenants and want to sell your house to relieve stress. You are facing foreclosure and are trying to get a fair price for your property.

No matter the reason, the process of selling your Decatur home can be daunting, exhausting, and filled with unforeseen obstacles along the way. Should life throw a curveball your way, and you need to sell your house fast, considering a trustworthy cash buyer company could save you time, money, and stress. This article contains 5 reasons why you should consider using a cash home buyers company.


  • Sell Your House As-Is
  • Sell Your House Fast
  • Customer Friendly Process
  • Keep the Cash From Your Cash Offer
  • Lower Risks with Cash Buyers
  • What We Buy Houses Decatur Offers

Sell Your House As-Is

When placing your house on the open market, any inspections or appraisals done to your home may flag repairs that are needed to be done to raise the value of your home. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process to go through. If you owe liens, or have tax liens, needing to sell your house fast can be nearly impossible. Selling your Decatur home can be difficult if you try to sell it traditionally.

A cash buyer takes the time to evaluate your home for its value and potential. This allows you to sell your house as it is. This means that all lengthy expensive repairs needed to be completed can be left undone. You also get to skip over any deep cleaning or multiple showings to attract potential buyers. Cash home buyers are ready to buy a property simply.

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Sell Your House Fast

The entire process of selling your home traditionally through a real estate agent can take time: hiring a realtor, cleaning and fixing up your home, listing your property, staging open houses, fielding offers, waiting for bank approval, possible escrow, and then hopefully a completed sale. Direct cash buyer companies have streamlined their process to make it efficient, quick and to produce results. These companies make it their priority to see properties quickly, make an offer in a timely manner and then close within days. If your situation requires you to receive a fair cash offer as quickly as possible, reaching out to a company of cash buyers could be your solution.

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Customer Friendly Process

From the moment you contact pay cash home buyers, you will see a difference in the customer experience from a traditional real estate agent. We have your best interest at heart. The focus of the process becomes you. Once you seek out a company by filling out a form, they contact you almost immediately. They ask for your property address to arrange to see your home based on your schedule. They ask you questions about your property. They assess your property and make a fair cash offer quickly (often within 24 hours). If you accept the fair offer, then they schedule a closing date around your schedule. With a fast process and customer focus, selling your home will feel nearly effortless and stress-free. If you have an unwanted house or a vacant house you need cash for fast, contact We Buy Houses Decatur Texas to help you through the process.

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Keep the Cash From Your Cash Offer

Working with a real estate agent can mean more fees than when working with a We Buy Houses company. One of the most well-known fees is closing costs. Real estate fees are contractual and expected to be paid by the closing date. These fees are not regulated and depend on the company you choose to sell your house.

However, when your house is sold to a Decatur house cash buyer, there are no real estate agent fees or closing costs. This is due to the fact that you are selling directly to the buyer rather than through a middleman, meaning real estate transactions. This means that you get to avoid additional fees and keep more cash from your cash offer.

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Lower Risks with Cash Buyers

Accepting an offer on your home through traditional means has its risks. A buyer could get cold feet and change their mind at the last minute. Traditional bank financing could decline a potential buyer’s loan application, leaving you without a buyer. Circumstances like these leave you not only with a property you thought you would be rid of but the need to start the process all over again.

Cash home buyers do not pose the above risks. They are not only interested in your home, but they have the ability to buy it for cash, often within 24 hours of an offer. There is no bank to let your buyer down. Not last-minute letdowns. Contacting a local Decatur area cash buyer can get you a fair cash offer that will have to pay cash to follow through.

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What We Buy Houses Decatur Offers

At We Buy Houses we know how to sell your Decatur house fast. We have streamlined a process called the “Guaranteed 7-Day Pledge”, in which we buy your house as-is, make a cash offer within 24 hours, and have no hidden fees or closing costs. We also have a no obligation whatsoever cash offer that is good for 7 days. To make your life easier, we also offer “sell now, move later” so you have time to get your affairs in order. Once you call our company or fill out an online form with property information, we walk you through the process of selling your house fast. Our dedicated agents are available to answer any questions you may have, intake information to begin the process, and set up a viewing within your schedule. If you have a house that you need to sell quickly, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

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We Buy Houses Decatur is a trustworthy all-cash offer company that has clientele locally throughout Northern and eastern Texas. They offer a quick and easy application-to-offer process that gets cash into your hands faster. Take the stress out of the selling process by giving one of our agents a call at (817) 438-0098 today.